And then the world stood still.

4:30 in the morning. He had just woken up, his heart was racing. Where was he? What had happened? Nothing. He had just been dreaming. Of the savannah of Ghana. But he had never been there. How could he dream of something he’d never experienced? Disoriented, he got up, he had to go to the bathroom. Why is it that the characters in a story never had to go to the loo? At the cinema, in the theatre… the protagonists never had to.

Slowly the disorientation became less. A look at the mobile phone. Whew. I slept for just under an hour. Had he even dreamed it? He felt like he was 16, although he was already 46, overweight and had just been discharged from the hospital for psychological problems. His divorce had been final last Friday, and Corona was the last straw. He was lonely, very lonely. But he knew a lot about computers and the Internet. For two weeks he had tried to meet women in his home country, but apparently he radiated too much desperation, so nothing worked.

A website for the international dating agency seemed to be the salvation. He set up a profile and within twelve hours he had requests from all over the world. But the website was set up in such a way that you could not answer the ladies without paying. He sat down on his tractor once again and drove to the stadium to get a Paysafe-Card. One had done it to him. He hadn’t even looked at all the requests, but this one … she had something.

It felt like it took years to set up the Paysafe account so he could finally enter the 16-digit code. Then finally he could unlock the reply option. A huge stupid thing I am doing here, he scolded himself. They all rip you off anyway. Playing with the hearts of desperate men and then demanding money for whatever reason, be it that they want to leave the army, had a mother with cancer etc.

Niniwaa. 32. from Accra in Ghana. Accra is the capital of Ghana, he himself was born in Berlin and moved to Bavaria for his first wife. The first exchange of news:
Niniwaa: „Hello dear, Nice to chat with you here“.
Bastian: „Ah… dont have mouch experience with hangout3:)“.
„Okay dear don’t worry it fine am really happy to chat with you“ she answers.

The little flower of hope sprouted inside him. Could it have been real? Not looking for a quick buck? Sure. She could still go for the residence permit. But he didn’t care about that. Three hours later, he was madly in love. Okay. So that was the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. I’m sure he’d just dreamed the whole thing, but no. Everything was still there. The chat. The short video clips she had sent him. The butterflies hit him again with full force. Oh God… my blood pressure! Calm down! You haven’t even seen the woman for real! But it was no use. He waited impatiently for her to get back in touch. She wanted to find fast internet today, so they could finally talk via video chat.

From then on they talked for at least three hours a day via video chat. She could not fly to him yet. The borders were closed because of Corona. But then finally, on 01.09.2020 the borders were opened again. He paid her the ticket. Of course he was still sceptical. His friends had all advised him against it, you will never see her again! She sells the ticket, she will not come to Munich. But she came. When she finally walked through the gate, he could hardly believe his eyes. She was even prettier in real life than in the videos and photos. The walk. Like a goddes from heaven. Then he smelled her. The first touch. His heart stopped beating, in this moment he could have died, it was the moment when the world stood still for him.